I was born in Washington, DC to my mother Anne, a law student, and my father Jean Fugett an NFL tight end and law student. My parents soon divorced and I grew up in Maryland splitting time between Silver Spring and Baltimore.

I started my first business in 2nd grade. I sold my classmates paper toys during class for 50 cents each which he and I split. While my mother was impressed, she was disappointed to hear on parent teacher night that I was disrupting class. I had a lot of exposure to business growing up. I remember visiting my great aunts shoe store in East Baltimore, touring an ice cream plant in Barcelona when my father was the CEO of Beatrice Foods, and helping my father negotiate to secure a multimillion dollar contract extension for his client with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

I formed my first company, TLC JR, LLC, an Investments and Consulting Firm, in 2007 shortly after earning a M.S. in Project Management from the George Washington University (GW) School of Business and becoming a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). Since then I have founded and operated 2 additional companies: Fugett Baseball Group, a private equity firm designed to acquire and manage affiliated Minor League Baseball Teams, Stadiums and related businesses and Good Word Digital (GWD), a consulting firm that I am operating currently. I’ve founded a series of subsidiaries for each of these companies for the purpose of raising capital, acquiring companies and intellectual property, and forming new partnerships.

I’ve advised many start ups, business owners, and entrepreneurs at various stages. I’ve also had many great mentors and friends who have invested time in advising and teaching me. I’ve learned, lived, and experienced a lot and have done my best to learn from it all. I look forward to sharing these lessons and more of my story as it unfolds. The best is yet to come!

Nephew of one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time who is (still) figuring out how to build on the legacy…

Husband & Father.


Serial entrepreneur and 5th generation business owner.



A serial entrepreneur, project management professional (PMP), and 5th generation business owner, Russell shares insights on business, faith, and life. He’ll also feature guests from a variety of backgrounds who will share their insights and perspectives on leadership, legacy, and love and where these topics intersect with business, our culture, and humanity. After each episode, Russell wants you to Be Encouraged!

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Patience Perseverance Prayer: A Devotional for Entrepreneurs

The devotional reflects lessons learned during my entrepreneurial journey. On this journey, I have been challenged to remember that a deeper relationship with Christ that results in increased faith and the refinement of our character is what God is after. Then and only then can our ventures and our lives truly bear lasting fruit. The entrepreneurial journey is grueling. The sacrifice and suffering is transformative if we have the courage to walk with God and maintain our focus on him.

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